The Flooded Amazonian Forest at CosmoCaixa Science Museum

Located in the Tibidabo region of Barcelona sits a science museum of truly epic proportions. Boasting 30,000 m2 of floor space, €4 ticket prices (or free for you and five guests with a Caixa card) and an indoor rainforest dubbed ‘The Flooded Forest’, it’s a wonder why this place isn’t mentioned more when people discuss their favourite things to see here.

Set inside a grand modernist style building, The CosmoCaixa Science Museum opened in 2005 after a €100 million re-design. Hosting both permanent and touring collections, the museum offers a hands-on, interactive approach to science, maths, chemistry and geology.

Although there’s an awful lot to see here – you’d likely need a whole day to see everything – the main attraction for us was the 1000 m2 ‘replica’ Amazonian rain forest located in the basement.

Visitors are taken 30 meters down into the 5th basement floor in a gigantic spiral that winds around a tropical tree from the Amazon region – an Acariquara.

Containing over 100 living species, and hosting some truly gigantic fish, alligators and the lovable capybaras, we were eager to see what else was on offer.

As we walked through the double-doors that signal the start of the rainforest, the temperature changed to that of a tropical climate and we were met with the sight of these beautiful fish:


This furry fellow:


And an inquisitive bird:


The waters here contain, among other things, piranha, crocodile, turtle, stingray and arapaima – just enough animals to put me off snorkeling in the real Amazon!

Watch out, it sometimes rains heavily in this jungle.
Amazonian trees grow tall alongside the different species that live here, and it’s common to see free-roaming animals, mostly birds and capybaras, as you traverse the winding paths.

IMG_20170915_221135_884 - Copy
The arapaima are among the world’s largest freshwater fish, reaching as much as 3 m (9.8 ft) in length!


Honestly, how is it not a bloodbath in there?

If you’re looking to keep the kids entertained, or just fancy a fun, adventurous or educational day out, then this is for you. It’s certainly in my top 5 lesser-known things to see here.

IMG-20170915-WA0009 - Copy.jpg

How to arrive: From the city center take the FGC train from Placa Catalunya (L7) to Av. Tibidabo.  Here you can either walk the fifteen minutes uphill to the museum or you can jump on bus 196 from Placa de Kennedy (just over the road from the Metro exit) to the entrance of the Museum.

Address:  Isaac Newton, 26

Timetable: Open Tuesday through Sunday, including public holidays. Operating hours are 10h to 20h.

Entrance fee: 4 Euros (free with a Caixa bankcard)

While your here: Gaudi’s Torre Bellesguard, also known as Casa Figuere is just a ten-minute walk away.


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